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The Arctic Circle experiences extreme and constant sunlight for half a year, and descends into total darkness for the other half. Animals living in the Arctic have evolved over time to contend with the environment – modifying their eyes and vision to see better and live well in these drastically different light conditions.

Named after this remarkable adaptation in nature, Arctic Vision exists to bring evolutionary, enhanced, and improved vision to patients and consumers suffering from eye diseases. Our goal is for people to see better, live better. 

In Chinese, our name, 极目生物 (Ji Mu Sheng Wu) takes on a deeper meaning. The first character "极" (Ji) connotes an extremity, an ultimate pinnacle. The second character "目" (Mu)  represents eyes and vision – in line with our focus in ophthalmological sciences and technology. Together, 极目 (Ji Mu) sums up our vision and ambition for the organization. We aim to be a leader in the field of ophthalmology, constantly pushing the boundaries of exploration and innovation to get higher and further in the quest to improving vision for mankind.

We are passionate about our vision and believe we have an important role to play. China's existing technologies, diagnostic processes, and treatments in ophthalmology has come a long way, but it is still far behind developed countries and matured markets. At Arctic Vision, we are committed to marrying advances in bioscience and technology, with real-time market needs and demand, to bring ophthalmology innovations that are truly meaningful and game changing. We look forward to providing innovative and transformative technologies that meet changing consumer needs and help ophthalmic patients and consumers see clearer, live better. 

 At Arctic Vision, that is our promise, and our motivation. 

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